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Video Production

TikTok Video Reel

Although I’ve enjoyed working as a Production Assistant on various sets, I also have experience in the post-production process. During my production internship at Bleav Podcast Network, I edited multiple TikToks following the “Man on the Street” interview style. 

Olivia Rodrigo Project

In my introductory After Effects course, my professor tasked us with creating a mini documentary that explains a niche cultural topic. I chose to cover how Olivia Rodrigo’s relationship drama turned her into a record-breaking pop star.

Dementia Dreams

During my very first film production class, I directed, filmed and edited this personal project inspired by my grandfather’s battle with dementia. 

Toast Animation

This audio originally belongs to a hilarious video clip of an overdramatic toast posted by SNL’s Kyle Mooney. Using Adobe After Effects, I hand drew the graphics and animated the clip together to bring the skit to life.

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